Read the Science - Fluoride is one of 11 developmental neurotoxicants which cause neurodevelopmental disabilities . . . <b>Cotati Votes - NO fluoridation!</b> Sonoma County Health Officer resigns. <b>Sebastopol Votes - NO fluoride!</b> ". . . concerns about the potential affects on thyroid function and other health factors." <b>Napa Votes NO - Rejects Fluoride!</b> <b>Davis, California Votes NO</b> Rejects Fluoridation of Water Supply ". . . we have to look at providing good, clean, reliable water to our community." <b>Modesto, California Votes - NO Fluoride!</b> "It just does not make sense to medicate the citizenry through the public water supply." <b>Redding, California VOTES NO!</b> Forbids adding chemicals to the water supply lacking FDA approval. <b> Crescent City, California VOTES NO Fluoride! ". . . hydroflusilicic acid will no longer be added <b>Portland, Oregon VOTES NO</b> on water fluoridation <b>Wichita, Kansas</b> - Voters say <b>NO</b> to fluoridation. What is fluoride? This video explains. Fluoride-free Healdsburg - Committed to ending water fluoridation in Healdsburg

Committed to ending water fluoridation in Healdsburg

We all deserve clean water.

The risks of water fluoridation far outweigh any possible benefits. Peer-reviewed evidence does not exist proclaiming fluoride to be safe for human ingestion. However, evidence-based scientific studies show that fluoride is toxic to the nervous system and ingesting it comes with a host of side-effects, all having a much greater impact on the young, sick, and elderly.

Fluoride-free Healdsburg is a grassroots group of Healdsburg residents who volunteer their time, money, and talents in an effort to stop the practice of adding hazardous fluoridation chemicals to the water we all drink and bathe in.

    Peer-reviewed medical journals, scientific studies, and statements from doctors, dentists, and scientists regarding the dangers of […]

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    Fluoride-free Healdsburg is an entirely volunteer grassroots organization. Your involvement and support are necessary to stop […]

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